Scholarship Guidelines

Funding Family Assistance Scholarships

The Morningstar Learning Center Family Assistance Scholarships (MLCFAS) receive funding from grants and fundraising. Historically, these scholarships have received grants from the Spanish Peaks Community Foundation, Yellowstone Club Community Foundation, and Big Sky Christian Fellowship. Morningstar Learning Center (MLC) organizes one annual fundraiser where 100% of the proceeds go towards MLCFAS. The amount of funding determines the amount of scholarships dispersed each quarter.

Scholarship Process

All families are eligible to apply for Family Assistance Scholarships. Applications are available on the MLC website. Each new enrollment quarter, applicants will submit finished applications, along with paystubs from the last three payrolls and a copy of the previous years tax return to the Scholarship Review Committee at First Security Bank. Applications are due on the first day of the month prior to the start of a new quarter. All applications are confidential.

Scholarship Amounts

Scholarship amounts are awarded using a sliding scale that has been modified to accommodate our unique community needs. The sliding scale has been adjusted for the high cost of living, high rent, multiple children attending MLC, and number of enrollment days. Scholarship amounts range from $5/per child/day up to $24/per child/day. Each scholarship awarded is assigned to the quarter in which the family applied and applies to all submitted enrollment days. The scholarship does not apply toward drop-in days. The amount awarded may change from quarter to quarter based on financial need and/or amount of scholarship funding available.

Enrollment Quarters

Spring: March-May
(Applications due February 1)
Summer: June-August
(Applications due May 1)
Fall: September-November
(Applications due August 1)
Winter: December-February
(Applications due November 1)